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A timeline of events

Our company was founded in 2020 with the goal of leveraging our wilderness passion and skill sets to meet the evolving educational needs of our community. The pandemic drastically uprooted existing education structures and families needed support navigating distance learning as much as students needed to get off their screens and learn hands-on. Our instructors supported their online learning and extended it with experiential projects and outdoor instruction.

As the school year came to a close, our families requested pod-based summer camps that aligned with our COVID-conscious community. These all-day camps allowed students to dig deep into  the activities they loved during the school year. By operating in city parks, public green spaces, and in State Parks, students got a sense of how their connection with nature can happen anywhere and allowed us to broaden our reach in outdoor education. 

As society began to “open back up” and schools returned to in-person learning in the Fall of 2021, a new need revealed itself. Families needed their students to have access to a safe, inclusive, outdoor space to spend their afternoons. We designed outdoor after school programming that is grounded in wilderness skills, is COVID-conscious, is local to neighborhood schools, and is financially accessible. 

We continue to be committed to doing what we believe is best for our broader Portland community: our staff is fully vaccinated and boosted; we mask up and follow strict precautions in an effort to prevent community spread; we work with each family’s unique circumstances to ensure our programming is financially accessible; and we take good care of our employees by providing year-round work with benefits in an otherwise seasonal field. We are committed to remaining a small team so that we can continue to involve the voice of our community.

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